PAC Database - Detailed Chemical Data

Chemical Identity
Chemical CAS# UN# Health Code Numbers
Dimethoxybutane, 1,3- 10143-66-5

Formula Synonyms
Physical Properties
Mol Wt State MP (°C) BP (°C) VP (Hg) VP (°C) SG LEL (ppm)
118.2 L
PAC Values
PAC Values (Original Units: ppm)
5.2 57 340
Converted PAC Values (mg/m3)
25 280 1600
Technical Basis
A review of available data sources identified the following: LCLo1 and oral LD50 2 exposures. Each was evaluated using the guidelines for calculating equivalent values in the TEEL Handbook. A duration of 1 day was assumed for the LCeq calculation.
Toxicity data were evaluated for their relative preference ranking and the rat LCLo data was selected and time-scaled using the ten Berge equation to estimate a TEEL-3 value3. TEEL-2 and TEEL-1 values were calculated from this TEEL-3 value, according to Table 3.5.
• TEEL-1 = TEEL-2/11
• TEEL-2 = TEEL-3/6
• TEEL-3 = Estimated from rat LCLo (4-hr, 8000 ppm)
This review generated TEEL values consistent with those published in Rev. 29A.
Rat, 240-min LCLo: American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal., 23(95), 1962; via PubChem:
Rat, oral LD50: American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal., 23(95), 1962; via PubChem: Reported in µL kg-1; a density was obtained for conversion from the following source: The Yaws Handbook of Physical Properties for Hydrocarbons and Chemicals (2nd Ed.), pg. 128.
The ten Berge time-scaled the 240-minute exposure to 60 minutes (Section 3.3.4.)
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