PAC Database - Detailed Chemical Data

Chemical Identity
Chemical CAS# UN# Health Code Numbers
Abrin 1393-62-0

Formula Synonyms
Physical Properties
Mol Wt State MP (°C) BP (°C) VP (Hg) VP (°C) SG LEL (ppm)
0 S
PAC Values
PAC Values (Original Units: mg/m3)
0.0000011 0.000012 0.000070
Converted PAC Values (ppm)
0 0 0
Technical Basis
Abrin is a highly lethal biotoxin that does not have exposure limits. A review of available sources identified the following exposures: LDLo, LD50 (mouse, rat) for inhalation, intraperitoneal, intravenous, and oral routes. Toxicity data were selected according to type of exposure, species, and route based on the hierarchies stated in Sections 3.6.2, 3.6.3, 3.6.4, and factors in Tables 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4. Of the data found, the human oral LDLo was both the most preferred and conservative toxicity exposure and it was selected as the TEEL-3 basis. TEEL-2 and TEEL-1 were derived from this TEEL-3 value, according to Table 3.5.
• TEEL-1 = TEEL-2/11
• TEEL-2 = TEEL-3/6
• TEEL-3 = Human (male) Oral LDLo (0.1-1 µg/kg, low end of range used)
This review generated TEEL values inconsistent with those of Rev. 29A due to a different toxicity exposure basis. This appears to be due to an error converting the previous basis from µg/kg to mg/kg. The current TEEL basis is the most preferred species and lowest identified toxicity identified during research.
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Rat inhalation LD50 (reported in mg/kg, not a concentration): Journal of Analytical Toxicology, Vol. 33, March 2009, pg. 77-84.
Rat inhalation LD50 (reported as µg/kg 8-minute exposure, not a concentration):
Human (assumed male) oral LDLo: Dickers, K.J., Bradberry, S.M., Rice, P. et al. Abrin Poisoning. Toxicol Rev 22, 137–142 (2003).
Mouse oral LD50 (20 µg/mg): Toxicon., 9(97), 1971 [PMID:5576548]; via PubChem: National Center for Biotechnology Information (2023). PubChem Substance Record for SID 135301402, Abrin, Source: ChemIDplus. Retrieved from
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