PAC Database - Detailed Chemical Data

Chemical Identity
Chemical CAS# UN# Health Code Numbers
Alizarin; (1,2-Dihydroxyanthraquinone; Turkey red oil) 72-48-0

Formula Synonyms
Physical Properties
Mol Wt State MP (°C) BP (°C) VP (Hg) VP (°C) SG LEL (ppm)
240.22 S 430
PAC Values
PAC Values (Original Units: mg/m3)
1.2 13 79
Converted PAC Values (ppm)
0.12 1.3 8.0
Technical Basis
A review of available sources did not identify exposure limits for this chemical. Although safety data sheets were identified that report acute toxicity data (TDLo, LD50), they were determined to not be appropriate for TEEL development due to either: 1) unverified results, or 2) missing toxicity endpoints (Section 3.2.2). Given this, the GHS hazard ratings for this substance were assessed. The chemical is classified as having acute oral toxicity (GHS Category 4, H302) and corrosive properties (GHS Category 2; H315, H319); considering this, it was determined that this chemical has an equivalent HHR=3 (Section 3.4.5). An HHR=3 was assumed as the TEEL-3 basis. TEEL-2 and TEEL-1 values were derived according to Table 3.5.
• TEEL-1 = TEEL-2/11
• TEEL-2 = TEEL-3/6
• TEEL-3 = HHR=3
This review generated TEEL values that are inconsistent with Rev 29A. The Rev. 29A TEEL-2 basis, a rat TDLo was not found during the current review; this TEEL-2 was also used to derive the TEEL-1 and TEEL-3. Instead, available hazard statements were evaluated and an HHR=3 was assumed for the TEEL-3 basis, from which TEEL-2 and TEEL-1 values were derived.
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