PAC Database - Detailed Chemical Data

Chemical Identity
Chemical CAS# UN# Health Code Numbers
Chlorobutane, 2-; (sec-Butyl chloride) 78-86-4

Formula Synonyms
Physical Properties
Mol Wt State MP (°C) BP (°C) VP (Hg) VP (°C) SG LEL (ppm)
92.58 L 68.5 0.873
PAC Values
PAC Values (Original Units: ppm)
5.2 57 340
Converted PAC Values (mg/m3)
20 220 1300
Technical Basis
A review of available sources identified: rabbit (LD50) and rat (LCLo and LD50¬¬) acute toxicity data. Data sources were selected according to the hierarchy listed in Table 3.1. Toxicity data were selected according to type of exposure, species, and route according to the hierarchies stated in Sections 3.3.1, 3.3.2, and evaluated using factors in Tables 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4. The LCLo was selected as the TEEL-3 basis and scaled to a 60-minute equivalent using the ten Berge equation (Section 3.3.4). TEEL-2 and TEEL-1 values were derived according to Table 3.5.
• TEEL-1 = TEEL-2/11
• TEEL-2 = TEEL-3/6
• TEEL-3 = Rat LCLO (8000 ppm/4H)
This review generated TEEL-2 and TEEL-1 values inconsistent and a TEEL-3 consistent with Rev. 29A. The Rev. 29A TEEL-2 basis was a mouse intraperitoneal TDLo, which was not found during the current review, therefore the TEEL-2 was instead derived according to Table 3.5. The Rev. 29A and current TEEL-1 were both derived according to Table 3.5, with difference in values due to the change in TEEL-2 basis.
American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal., 30(470), 1969 [PMID:5823428]. Retrieved from
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