PAC Database - Detailed Chemical Data

Chemical Identity
Chemical CAS# UN# Health Code Numbers
Chlorocyclohexanol, trans-2- 6628-80-4

Formula Synonyms
Physical Properties
Mol Wt State MP (°C) BP (°C) VP (Hg) VP (°C) SG LEL (ppm)
134.61 S 29 93
PAC Values
PAC Values (Original Units: mg/m3)
12 130 790
Converted PAC Values (ppm)
2.2 24 140
Technical Basis
A review of available sources did not identify occupational limits, acute animal toxicity, or health hazard data (NFPA or GHS) for trans-2-chlorocyclohexanol. Instead, three similar chemicals were investigated: 1) 2-chlorocyclohexanol (CASRN: 1561-86-0), 2) trans-2-chlorocyclopentanol, (CASRN: 20377-80-4), and 3) 4-chlorocyclohexanol (CASRN: 30485-71-3). Of these, 2-chlorocyclohexanol and 4-chlorocyclohexanol reports GHS hazard codes for skin, eye, and inhalation irritation (H315, H319, and H335), indicating an approximate mid-level health hazard rating (HHR=2) is appropriately conservative for TEEL development. An HHR=2 was assumed as the TEEL-3 basis (Section 3.4.5). TEEL-2 and TEEL-1 values were derived according to Table 3.5.
• TEEL-1 = TEEL-2/11
• TEEL-2 = TEEL-3/6
• TEEL-3 = HHR=2
This review generated TEEL values less conservative than those reported in Rev. 29A. The Rev. 29A TEEL-3 source, a rat oral LD50, was not found during the current review. Instead, the GHS hazards of a similar chemical (2-chlorocyclohexanol (CASRN: 1561-86-0) were used to estimate the approximate health hazard rating (HHR=2).
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